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To help you ensure the healthy management of disability in your business while respecting legal requirements, we offer a range of professional services that meet a wide array of needs an organization like yours can have.

Tailor made services

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Pre-employment examination

Are you thinking about hiring somebody?

We can conduct the necessary exams for you.

We will make sure to provide you with sound advice regarding the relevance of additional tests. To this end, we will consider the characteristics of your workplace and all applicable laws and regulations.

Carried out at the clinic:

  • Checkup and blood samples
  • Audiometric test
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Visual tests (Snellen, Ishihara, Orthorator)
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Radiology
  • Drug and alcohol testing

Medical Expert opinions

Do you need an opinion or a comprehensive report on an issue related to the CSST, the SAAQ, or a medical care insurance plan?

Our experienced physicians can give independent expert opinions on a variety of medical subjects objectively, in a professional manner, and with full knowledge of all the short to long-term repercussions.

The expert medical report (in specialities or family medicine) may be used for administrative or legal purposes according to the applicable laws and regulations.

In-house physicians

We offer the services of consulting physicians who specialize in workplace disability management. These medical doctors can therefore intervene in cases of industrial accidents (CNESST) or disability/disease.

Our physicians can also go to your premises to see the employees who you want to have a consultation in a rapid manner. This limits absenteeism caused by the usual delays related to consulting attending physicians. Businesses which offer this service benefit from true added value!

Drug and alcohol testing

Are you worried about a risky behaviour in one of your employees? Are you afraid that there is a problem of alcohol and drug use at work?

We can administer screening tests and medical assessments at our clinic. This can help you properly manage the situation according to workplace health and safety guidelines and the concerned employee’s well-being.

Assessment of the ability to return to work

Does your employee want to return to work after a lenghty absence, with or without his or her attending physician’s approval? Does the medical doctor advise functional limitations?

It is important to check if employees are actually capable of returning to their duties without any risks to their own health and safety and that of their colleagues.

Our consulting physician can update clinical data concerning the problem causing the disability. He or she can also adjudicate on the employees’ aptitude to return to work or, if needed,  can render a decision on their functional limitations.

Medical Assessment

Do you want a medical opinion to help direct the follow-up regarding your occupational accidents or disease record?

Make use of our frontline service: an assessment by a general practitioner who can document your clinical record and provide an opinion in a summary report. Diagnoses mentioned and ongoing treatments can also be added here.

In addition, we can advise you on the short to medium-term relevance of sending an employee to a specialist

Periodic Health examination

We carry out examinations paying particular attention to the risks specific to your workplace and to their possible consequences on the health of your personnel.

If need be, we can also refer your employee to a physician (general practitioner or specialist) who will properly handle his or her case, which will reassure all parties involved and save precious time.

Other tests can be administered at the clinic.

Consulting nurse and disability management

Since our nurses have been active in the workplace environment for many years, they can give you advice regarding disability management. Their support can take place either at our clinic or on your premises.

Medical opinion regardind cost management or sharing

Our consulting physicians can give medical opinion on cases for the purpose of cost management or sharing, as provided for Articles 328 and 329 of the Act Respecting Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases (AIAOD/LATMP).

We have an undeniable expertise in this field. Given the important financial impact these interventions can have, it is in your business’ best interest to manage them knowing all of the facts.

Representation in court

Our physicians are aware that their expert opinion or management mandates may require them to speak before various courts of law. Their testimony rests on the reliability of their medical assessment, their solid experience, and reference work on recent data pertaining to the medical issue at hand.

They carefully prepare and document their testimonies respectful of their role and of the court involved.

Designated medical practitioner

Do you need services from a designated medical practitioner in order to obtain your medical records or for physical rehabilitation related to an employment injury as provided for in Article 38 of the Act Respecting Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases (AIAOD / LATMP)?

We can come to an agreement in this regard and will gladly discuss the various options that are open to you.

Visiting workstations

Would you like to get a medical opinion on one or several workstations located within your business?

Would you like to make sure that a workstation is appropriate for an employee who is returning to work with functional limitations?

Are you looking to facilitate the integration of an employee with a disability?

Or have you noticed that one or several injuries have occurred at a specific workstation?

One of our medical doctors can go to your workplace to give his or her opinion.