Our mission is to provide, maintain and develop a range of effective and adapted services in order to prevent and manage workplace disabilities.


Profile and background

Doctor Jacques Paradis has been interested in occupational medicine for many years. He has progressively honed his knowledge in this field, more particularly by obtaining a Master’s Degree in Toxicology (1987) and an advanced graduate diploma in Insurance Medicine and Medicolegal Expertise (2005).

Dr. Paradis has been working since 2004 at the Clinique de médecine industrielle des Laurentides where all effort is entirely and exclusively devoted to occupational medicine and expertise. Constantly evolving, the current team offers a range of professional services marked by an ongoing concern for quality and accessibility




Knowing how to listen in order to identify the needs and promote collaboration in view of finding solutions together.



Knowing how to adapt to our clients’ reality by combining versatility and flexibility in order to stay relevant and keep our clients top of mind.

Life long learning

Lifelong learning

Managing knowledge as well as knowledge transfer in order to promote best practices. 



Creating and maintaining a harmonious workplace environment imbued with discretion, respect, and regard in any circumstance. 

Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety

Giving priority to safe practices and attitudes by offering advice and support